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    In The News: Decaf Safety

    There have been recent concerns in the news about the safety of a chemical, Methylene Chloride, that many coffee roasters and popular brands use to decaffeinate coffee. This method is popular because it’s considerably cheaper and faster than other decaffeination processes. A full summary can be found here:

    The decaf coffee we roast - and you serve your customers - is not impacted by this. We have always used coffee decaffeinated by the “Swiss Water Process” in which only pure water is used to decaffeinate beans. It’s the key reason why our decafs taste better. 

    Here’s a short response your employees may want to provide to customers who are concerned about the topic:

    “I understand your concern about methylene chloride in decaf coffee. Rest assured, our decaf is exclusively processed using the Swiss Water Method, ensuring it’s not only free from harmful chemicals but also offers a superior taste thanks to the pure water technique.”

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