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    How Ordering Works

    We've designed the ordering process with JavaMania to be as streamlined as we can. This allows us to provide the best service to all of our customers as "business as usual!" We sometimes get questions about how the whole process works, so here's an overview:

    1. Log into your account at  This will give you access to all of our products, any custom blends you have developed, and the ability to check whether your desired items are in stock.

    2. Find your products and add them to your cart. Every product page will tell you exactly when your order will either be delivered locally or shipped via UPS/USPS. All orders are shipped within three business days (usually less!)

    3. After checking out and paying, you will automatically receive a confirmation email with a summary of the order.

    4. When we have packed your order, we will send you another email confirming its our for delivery (for local orders) or with tracking information (if sent via UPS/USPS.)


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Can I pick up my order at JavaMania?

    A: No. Usually the request to pickup is driven by a desire for speed but the delivery is actually the fastest part of what we do.  We roast your order when it comes in and that takes time. We also have other orders that have come in before yours and we'll work on those first.  If you place an order at 8:30AM on Monday, we'll deliver it by end of the day on Tuesday - and we think that's pretty good!

    Beyond the speed factor, the hours we have staff on site depends on the volume of orders we have - 16 hours one one day, maybe 6 hours the next - and it is too simply expensive for us to keep a paid staff member on hand during "guaranteed" pickup hours.  


    Q: Can I email or phone in an order?

    A: No, please place all orders through the web site.  This gives you an opportunity to see in-stock status, delivery timing and ensure that your order is correct before submitting. 


    Q: Can I pay by check when you deliver?

    A: No, we ask for payment at time of order via the web site.  This allows us to keep our back office operations to a minimum and, as a result, keep our prices as low as we can.



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