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    Discover April's Top Coffee Picks: Curated from Consumer Favorites

    As we transition into the vibrant month of April, we're thrilled to present to our wholesale partners and prospects a carefully curated list of this month's top coffee trends. Drawing insights from our retail site's consumer purchasing patterns, we've compiled the most sought-after flavored and unflavored coffees. These are the flavors and roasts your customers are anticipated to be craving in April.

    Top 10 Flavored Coffees for April:

    1. Jamaican Me Crazy: An exotic fusion that's leading the charge in popularity.
    2. Highlander Grogg: A unique and beloved blend.
    3. Salted Caramel: A delightful mix of sweet and savory.
    4. Bourbon Pecan: A classic and consistently popular flavor.
    5. Almond Amaretto: Offering a delightful almond twist.
    6. Chocolate Cherry Kiss: Combining fruity and rich chocolate notes.
    7. Hawaiian Macadamia Nut: Bringing tropical vibes to the coffee cup.
    8. Vanilla Cupcake: For those who love a sweet treat in their brew.
    9. Icing on the Cake: As delightful in taste as it is in name.
    10. Graham Cracker: A nostalgic and well-loved flavor.

    Top 10 Unflavored Coffees for April:

    1. Breakfast Blend: A perfect choice to start the day.
    2. Italian Roast: Robust and deeply satisfying.
    3. Costa Rica: Known for its vibrant and crisp profile.
    4. Bali Blue Moon: Rich, indulgent, and a favorite among connoisseurs.
    5. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe: Unique, with floral and fruity notes.
    6. Blonde Roast: Smooth, light, and highly appealing.
    7. Colombia Supremo: A well-loved choice for its balanced flavor.
    8. Signature Blend: A harmonious mix of the finest beans.
    9. French Roast: Bold, smoky, and perfect for those who love intensity.
    10. Cafe Bella: Delightful and aromatic, a superb choice for any time of day.

    These selections reflect the diverse and evolving tastes of coffee drinkers, promising to add a fresh and exciting twist to your offerings. By aligning your coffee menu with these trending picks, you're ensuring that your customers enjoy the finest and most sought-after coffee experiences.

    Stay tuned for our May insights, where we will continue to guide you through the ever-changing landscape of coffee preferences!

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