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    August's Coffee Journey: Exploring This Month's Top Flavors and Roasts

    As we embrace the peak of summer, we're excited to share with you the top coffee selections for August, derived directly from our retail site's consumer purchasing patterns. This month's lineup includes a diverse range of both flavored and unflavored coffees, reflecting the varied tastes and preferences of our customers.

    Top 10 Flavored Coffees for August:

    1. Jamaican Me Crazy: Continues its reign with a captivating blend of exotic flavors.
    2. Highlander Grogg: A strong favorite, known for its unique and rich taste.
    3. Hawaiian Macadamia Nut: A tropical delight that has been a hit this summer.
    4. Graham Cracker: Sweet and reminiscent of summer treats, a perfect comforting choice.
    5. Jingle Bell Java: A festive favorite that enjoys popularity year-round.
    6. Icing on the Cake: As delightful as it sounds, a sweet addition to any coffee menu.
    7. Angel's Kiss: A light and sweet option for those seeking a subtle flavor.
    8. Butter Rum: Rich and creamy, offering a smooth rum-infused experience.
    9. Hazelnut: A classic flavor that never goes out of style.
    10. Hazelnut Toffee: Combining the nuttiness of hazelnut with the sweetness of toffee.

    Top 10 Unflavored Coffees for August:

    1. Breakfast Blend: The top choice for a vibrant start to the day.
    2. Italian Roast: Robust and flavorful, perfect for those who love a strong coffee.
    3. Costa Rica: A crisp and refreshing option, ideal for summer mornings.
    4. Bali Blue Moon: Rich and indulgent, offering a complex and satisfying taste.
    5. Fair Trade Organic Sumatra: Ethically sourced, deeply flavored, and full-bodied.
    6. Sumatra: Known for its bold and earthy profile, a favorite among enthusiasts.
    7. Fair Trade Organic Italian Roast: A guilt-free indulgence with a rich taste.
    8. Roastmaster's Blend: A carefully crafted blend, balancing flavor and aroma.
    9. Special French Roast: Bold, smoky, and ideal for those who prefer an intense brew.
    10. Fair Trade Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe: A unique choice with floral and fruity notes.

    These selections for August showcase the best in both worlds – the adventurous and the classic. By featuring these top-selling coffees, you ensure that your offerings cater to a wide array of preferences, keeping your customers excited and engaged.

    Stay tuned for our September article, where we'll continue to highlight the trending coffees based on real consumer data!

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